Wendell Brereton

Wendell Brereton

Mortgage Agent

Agent License # M12000327

Tel: 416-548-5959 ext. 105

Email: wbrereton@moneygate.ca

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Wendell is a mortgage agent with a passion for wealth management. As a results-oriented individual, Wendell focuses in the areas of investment growth and comprehensive financial planning. His researched approach of assessing client and community needs, identifying at-risk demographics, recommending, developing and implementing appropriate wealth strategies. Upon evaluating the suitability of those strategies for you he custom builds an action plan to lead your portfolio into a prosperous future. Wendell’s high competency in the areas of the economics, real-estate and corporate culture, allows him to be a great advisor in different areas. One area that he has a particular strength in is helping small business owners come up with solutions that will foster economic growth. He is quoted saying, “We seek a future where technology meets banking and financial planning instruments at the everyday level. That future is now.”